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Lipton Ice Tea is a co-venture, owned by Pepsico and Lipton Hot Tea owned by Unilever.

Lipton's mission was to create a 'Lipton world' and unify its two (at the time) contrasting brands with a coherent and consistent tone of voice and look and feel that spread across the entire brand and speaks to a newer, younger audience across the world.


Lipton Hot & Ice Tea Global
Brand Identity – Creating a 'Lipton World'

The lifestyle photography portrays modern tea culture, with authentic scenarios that capture the moment.

The work has been used globally across a multitude of markets and executions – from (we built a global .com relaunch for in conjunction with this shoot), out of home, point of sale, social communications and is even used as wall decoration in some of the Lipton offices around the world.

The key to success for this work was to unify the two brands under one home, one 'Lipton world' and voice. 


The work showcased are a select few of the 12,000 we captured with photographer Olly Burn over the three-day shoot in Capetown.

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Lipton Hot & Ice Tea Global 
Brand Identity – Creating a 'Lipton World'

Executive Creative Director: Simon Poett
Creative Director: Jon Cleave
Creative Team: Guus Ter Beek & Tayfun Serrier
Photographer: Olly Burns
Production: Making Pictures & Nomad Productions
Producer: Louis Cubbon

Account Manager: Amy Hammond

Confidential and Proprietary